© Pictures by Maria João Ferreira


PIERCE THE SNOW is a performative installation about the idea of extinction and those contemporary discourses and mythologies around it. 

This installation features non-human performativities and plays on the idea of biodiversity and interspecies relationships. It appropriates contemporary mythologies about the end, stearing clear of catastrophist and apocalyptic perspectives tied to the idea of non-action and highlighting new subsistence mythologies for the future.

Gesturing towards abandonment, this installation foregrounds the importance of telling stories and creating new narratives about the end as an alternative to the idea of the "end of fiction" and as reactivation of our ability to fictionalize the future, which inevitably contains a deadline, an end, a caput - against all capitalist and extractivist notions of endlessness.

PIERCE THE SNOW is the second installment of the MIRAGE project, which will be exhibited bwtween October and December 2022 at Culturgest (Porto). 

19 FEV - 6 MAR

OPENING: 19 FEV | 19h


Conception: Joana Magalhães 

Set design: Susana Paixão
Lighting and sound design: Vasco Ferreira
Production: Maria Inês Marques 

Directing, Screenplay, Production and Art direction: Joana Magalhães

Director of photography: Paulo Pinto 
Performer: Joana Magalhães 
Production, Make up and stunt: Maria Inês Marques 
Décor and set assistant: Susana Paixão
Sound operation, soundtrack and post-production: Vasco Ferreira
Video editing: Vasco Mendes 

Partners | República Portuguesa - Ministério da Cultura, Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva, Jardim Botânico da Universidade do Porto, Museu de História Natural e da Ciência da Universidade do Porto, Zero Box Lodge, Publivez
Special thanks | Diana Pereira, João Barreto, Mafalda Lencastre