NU #01

/ Teatro do Frio

“- Está a pensar em quê?
Estremeço, como que trespassada por uma flecha,
caio desde o cimo da montanha,
volto à superfície da tipografia depois de um imenso mergulho.
Acordou-me o relâmpago.
- Em nada, estava só a olhar..”


The investigation of the concept of sound drama - dramaturgical/compositional writing that aims at a particular grammar which weaves voice, body, space, sound, and fiction - is something that interests us as a continuum gesture that cuts across projects and themes. Sometimes the creation of shows, performances, and installations strikes us like lightning. Back to the typography.

Project NU, which started in May 2020 and will last until the end of 2022, delves into oral and written communication, that “landscape of multiple voices” and multiple formats with which we intersect.

Version #01 of NU is an installation-performance included in the program “Dar a Ouvir. City Soundscapes,” and it deepens the acoustic relations between the architecture and the different potentials of its scenic device, built out of aluminum sheets.

It investigates the relationship between impression and expression, landscape and body, forest and cosmos, nature and culture, finding echoes of the several voices that animate us and that are recorded on audio, video and the print version that we are about to launch.

\Teatro do Frio


Launchings on Plataforma UMA
Week 1 | 15 MAY, 2.30PM: soundtrack Nu #01
Week 2 | 22 MAY, 2.30PM: video recording of installation-performance Nu #01
Week 3 | 27 MAY, 9.30PM: script publication and live zoom conversation with Teatro do Frio + UMA + surprise guests


Artistic direction of the installation-performance: Rodrigo Malvar and Catarina Lacerda; dramaturgy and performance: Catarina Lacerda; music: Filipe Lopes and Rodrigo Malvar; scenic space: Filipe Tootill; scenic props: Emanuel San; lighting design: João Abreu; production: Natasha Bulha Costa.

The publication was designed by Gil Mac and brings together original music by Filipe Lopes, text by Catarina Lacerda (with echoes of the voices from David Abram, Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio, and f rom the Cayuse and Western Appalachian tribes), video by Miguel F. and photographs by Miguel F. and João Duarte.


Teatro Do Frio is sponsored by Direção-Geral das Artes.



© Miguel F.