Raiding the archive #1


AMPHIBIAN WOMAN: "The photo was taken at Lavadores beach, near the White House hotel. My grandmother is holding her son, the two oldest sons aren't in the photo. There's my grandmother and my grandfather, the other people were bathing. The date: imagine, my mother, who's sitting next to my aunt, how old was she? My grandmother died at 84, 42 years ago. My mother died at 87, 9 years ago. If my math is correct, my grandmother was 30 when she had my mother. My mother used to say she was five years old in the beach photo. My mother is the one covering her face; the other girl is my aunt who lost a son in Ultramar."


Lexicon in 10 entries. Porto, March 7 2021, p. 26 (notebook 1) + Set of 12 hand-painted Russian matryoshkas.


AMNIOTIC GATEKEEPER: "The photo with the baby was taken in front of the church, in Canidelo. I don't know the date because I can't tell who the baby is. I forget to tell you: my grandmother knew the day she was born - August 18th. But she didn't know the year. I went to the public registry but the archive that kept the information had burnt. They gave her a year of birth, but she didn't take it. She was probably older than we thought."