Carta branca / is an invitation to occupy a space on UMA's platform.i
3 artists per quarter,
3 quarters in 2021.

apr - jun


Taking as starting point the dualism of this interjection, ah!, the project explores the encounter, the wonder, the loss. Looking back is looking at what's unknowable. Ah! An investigation in motion.

I exclaim
I will exclaim
We will exclaim



THESMOPHORION, a hypertemple for the interseccional cult of the cunt as a form of writing.
The name of the temple where the Thesmophorias were celebrated is here appropriated through a process of associative affinity as a way to designate a digital temple. Its construction and ritualistic devising will be carried out by a common corpus of vulvas aiming to translate their morphology into structure, signature, and speaking subject.


The Castros is a theatrical work that focuses on Raquel Castro's family tree and DNA tests that she took. The goal is to find out more about her origins and the links that connect her to her ancestors.

At UMA, Raquel will share facts and curiosities form her research, as a work in progress,