With Teatro do Frio

We prepare the bodies and invite them to create soundscapes and soporiferous imaginaries through the collective vocalizing of white noise.

Teatro do Frio - Pesquisa Teatral do Norte, CRL(TdFrio) is an artistic collective founded in 2005. It has devised and produced more than 45 original works in collaboration with different local, national, and international partners. It privileges research in theater devising, with a mission rooted in disciplinary intersections.
Since 2013 they have investigated liminarities and contact zones between processes of theatrical devising and sound design, dance, and compositional writing. They have dedicated themselves to original creations where performers and words emerge from the systematic research about the relations between emotion-action-thinking and where dramaturgical/compositional writing articulates its own grammar in relation to voice, body, space, and sound.

Target audience: 0-1 year olds, accompanied by an adult.

Dates and details coming soon. More info: