Urn is the primary, smallest, indivisible unit that makes up our society. It’s atomized reality in a loop, or a way to look at reality, filtered by issues of biopower, biotechnology, posthumanism, and techno-loneliness. Urn investigates the subject as the outcome of the physical relationship between beings and those devices that control them. It materializes the tormented search for an identity as the result of an act of removal: the annihilation of uncivilized animal behaviour. The artificial and the biological merge, the body appears rebuilt, the subject becomes object, in the framework of a biopolitical narrative that is justified by the divine omnipresence of technology. How are we going to decolonize ourselves?


Creation, performance, and texts: Camilla Morello
Dramaturgical consulting: Sofia Freitas Abreu
Set, props, and costume design: Camilla Morello
Set and props building: Franco Bosco, Camilla Morello, Anabela da Costa Moreira
Artistic consulting: Francisco Camacho
Lighting design: Feliciano Branco
Sound design: Flávio Rodrigues
Video: Fábio Coelho

Sponsors and artistic residencies: Fundação GDA, Estúdios Victor Córdon, Linha de Fuga, Companhia Instável, Companhia Olga Roriz, Atelier Real, EIRA, Berma, (Re)union
Co-productions: Companhia Instável and Teatro Municipal do Porto

Streaming / September 2021.