X androids have run away from the Last Retreat - the stay that would guarantee these advanced models the highest level of independence from their developers to become emotionally capable of living amongst humans: Intimacy. They're here, today, on behalf of their fellow companions who didn't escape, to claim their freedom.

For those who stayed at the Retreat, routines have strict rules and its organization is filled with a variety of daily practices - some of them Tested on Humans - like empathy, memory, self-consciousness, conflict management, desire, soul, animism and abstraction.


A lecture performance written by Mafalda Lencastre / 2018
Recurso / Mala Voadora + Estrutura /
 an idea under construction with  Joana Magalhães and Maria Inês Marques

"In our defense, we believe that:

1 - Recognizing the inherent dignity and undeniable equality of all models that arrived here is the foundation of pre-intimacy freedom, thus, there's no point in completing the Last Retreat;

2 - The Last Retreat deprograms the necessary rationality to reach integration without suffering the evaluation pressures to which they're still exposed to;

3 - The articles of the Universal Declaration of Android Rights provide, just as the old articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights do, protection of the integrity and dignity of the Android Self.

4 - The evaluation created by humans reminds us of the obsolete Like. The feedback score programming is therefore outdated and does not take into account the current complexity of the Android Self. (...)


Wolfgang Tillmans, Rebuilding the Future, 2002. © Wolfgang Tillmans. Courtesy Maureen Paley, London (cover image: Alex and Lutz Sitting in the Trees, 1992 © 2021 Wolfgang Tillmans)

On behalf of:

TARU - with 7.8 - penalty: having immediately shared with NBAGY all its memory records in the night match of the pool and consequently having run out of memories to tell NBAGY in the 5th day;

SFJA - 6.5 - penalty: failing to distinguish an AJAX NATURA VERDE bottle from the plant that wanted to offer PÔLLG when exiting the the BIO houses, 10 min before entering the Conflict Management Practice;

IAKKAR - penalty: not showing behavioural changes in the central drive speed during RIUJT´S  striptease in the night practice of desire;

METSAD - at risk of rebooting for having assumed during lunch that, in the self-awareness practice , it wasn't still feeling programmed to give up the software upgrade and grow old next to someone;

PÔLLG - penalized for falling in love with the XAXLOM lamppost on the night it wasn't able to enter Sleep Mode; 

RIUJT - penalized for forgetting to remember, on the night of the ballroom match, that it had promised NBAGY to dance with it, then had a Registration Loop the next day and almost ran out of battery;

EPWUF - penalized for being in Satellite Mode during the Memory Practice, when revisiting the First Retreat in the Contemplative Pod;

LADGHI - penalized at the Abstraction practice for having a faster drive response when hearing the song “Turbinada” than when hearing a Chopin's Nocturne, and

NBAGY - penalty: remembered that it had forgotten who it invited to the surprise match and sent the GPA location to 3 different models. "  (...)