Once again, with feeling

"Re-enactment seems, as a form of representation, strangely well equipped to address moments of collective trauma and anxiety... Almost as if, taking a Debordian turn, that the re-enactment operates as the uncanny of the spectacle. A live image, in real space and real time, but simultaneously displaced."

- Rod Dickinson

We have the capacity to remember and relive past experiences thanks to the structure of the CREB protein, which can be found inside the core of every brain cell. Since its discovery, in 1963, medical science has simulated different situations wherein the potential of CREB is either stimulated or inhibited. Phosphodiesterase 4 is a CREB enhancer that might be prescribed in the future to compensate or revert memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, CREB inhibitors are being currently tested for blocking or “erasing” traumatic memories, which is causing great controversy.


A project by Joana Magalhães / recreation.