With Marta Almendra

Why is it that the same food, cooked exactly the same way, can produce a really pleasant sensation in one person but the exact opposite in another person? Why is it that the same ingredients, when presented in different ways, condition our dining experience and our memory of it? We know very little about how the brain works when it comes to our understanding of food and of the act of eating. My aim is to discuss this relation, through an experiment which will help us understand the impact of what we eat on our emotions and, above all, the impact of our brains on how we process our food. Because, in the end, we are what we eat.

Target audience: Cooks and all those interested in food and the restaurant industry.

Marta Almendra has a degree in Theatre and Psychology and a PhD in Cognitive Sciences. She discovered the world of restaurants and food when she opened her first restaurant in Porto, Cruel. She currently dedicates herself to researching the role of memory and emotions in food and writing.

Dates and more info coming soon.