Candy says, "I've come to hate my body

And all that it requires in this world"

Candy says, "I'd like to know completely

What others so discretely talk about"

I'm gonna watch the blue birds fly

Over my shoulder

I'm gonna watch them pass me by

Maybe when I'm older

What do you think I'd see

If I could walk away from me?

Candy says, "I hate the quiet places

That cause the smallest taste of what will be"

Candy says, "I hate the big decisions

That cause endless revisions in my mind"

“Candy Says”, Velvet Underground. Written by Lou Reed for his Candy










 ©Luiza Palhares


It’s Mardi Gras, it’s Spring. Candy, a latina Queen, lives…

Candy is a singer. Candy loves Vogue’s 73 Questions. Candy is cocktail. Candy is summer fever in the winter garden. Candy is a mardi gras waiting to happen. Candy is négligée. Candy is an anonymous kiss. Candy is a desiring machine.Candy is desired. Candy is a muse who was kept in the dark. Candy is alive.

Loosely inspired by And Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Queens by Tennessee Williams

Original idea and script Diego Bagagal and Maria Inês Marques

With Diego Bagagal

Vídeo Mafalda Lencastre

Streaming / Dates coming soon