With Dagui Schünemann

Our creativity reaches its heights during our childhood and adolescence, but we should foster it at any point in life. Drawing is an essential tool for creatives and a truly universal language. But to communicate through it, we must learn its basics.
In this workshop, the young ones will have the opportunity to draw a live model, learning how to translate three-dimensional bodies onto the paper, and aquiring basic knowledge on proportions, on drawing techniques, and on the function of our gestures when we draw. All of this using materials like the graphite pencil, charcoal, colored pencils and, of course, paper.

Dagui Schünemann is a Brazilian artist, originally from Porto Alegre, RS. She studied Fine Arts for 2 years in Santa Fé (USA). She studied painting and calcography in Brazil, and is currently pursuing a BFA degree in painting at the University of Porto. Her work focuses on the bidimensional representation of figures, while she explores pictorial and everyday-life coincidences through the plasticity of certain materials. Always on the look out for a fresh outlook on the banal.

Location & Dates: Kubik Gallery | POSTPONED - NEW DATES SOON!
Participants: Children 10-14 years old; teenagers 15-18 years old
Enrolment: 25€ / please fill in the form until June 30th.


©Dagui Schünemann